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As a renewable energy and efficiency consulting company serving municipalities, small businesses and agricultural producers, Comm·En’s mission is simple: to bring small-scale, locally-owned renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to communities throughout the Northeast. We want to power communities by communities, houses by houses and farms by farms, drawing from the clean, renewable resources found right in our backyards.

Ours is a mission guided by the spirit of a thing called “community energy.” Having emerged in recent years throughout Europe, Canada,  and the Midwest, community energy distributes ownership of a renewable energy facility throughout the community that it energizes. Community energy stimulates local economies and strengthens communities through the investment in long-term, sustainable energy projects.

In this sense, community energy empowers communities with the ownership of their power. More than a model of energy independence, it’s one way to meet the challenge of rising fuel prices. It reduces energy costs to local citizens and businesses and, in some cases, can provide long-term investment returns. It keeps local money in local areas, where it can be reinvested in local businesses and enterprises. Put simply, our work is about reducing energy costs. We help you make the most of what you have.

Maine and much of the Northeast has long prided itself on its history of leadership, self-sufficiency and independence. With its vast renewable, natural resources, the Northeast is poised to be the next leader in home-grown, sustainable energy projects. With the Midwest, Canada, and Europe to guide us, communities and businesses in Maine and the Northeast can help reduce their energy costs by implementing their own energy projects.  

We at Comm·En believe in the power of community energy to initiate and sustain this kind of local economic and environmental change. Our services are drawn from a broad background of experience, designed to bring energy solutions to you and your community.

We look forward to working with you.

For a more in depth description of community energy, visit our Community Energy Page.